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My poem

Cinquain Pattern # 1
Line 1 One word Dog
Line 2 Two words Cute, loyal
Line 3 Three word Obeying/taming,playing,baking
Line 4 Four word Pitied,kind,lovely,delighted

Cinquain Pattern # 2
Line 1 Noun Teenager
Line 2 Two adjectives Confident,lovely
Line 3 Three-ing words Eating, sleeing, shopping
Line 4 A phrase Love in freedom
Line 5 Another word for the noun Youth

Cinquain Pattern # 3
Line 1 Two syllables River
Line 2 Four syllables
Peacefully deep
Line 3 Six syllables Flowing around the world
Line 4 Eight syllables Every creature want to drink
Line 5 Two syllables Useful

My article

Example Cultural Travel

Learning to drive in Thailand

There are no rear lights, no windshield wipers and you won't get much in the trunk except water, but at northern Thailand's new 5-star Anantara Resort and Spa Golden Triangle, guests can pass their driving test - from the back of an elephant.
The 3-day mahout (elephant 'driver') training course takes place in the resort's own elephant camp, which was set up in conjunction with Thailand's National Elephant Institute and its Elephant Conservation Centre in Lampang.
Course content includes learning basic commands, how to drive an elephant, river bathing, daily care of an elephant, feeding requirements and mahout lifestyle. At the end of 3 days a short 'driving test' is administered after which guests receive their certificate of mahout competence. The resort's 160 acres of bamboo forest, nature trails and river banks provide an ideal habitat for the elephants, all of which have been long-time residents of the Lampang elephant centre and have spent several years involved in the centre's eco-tourism programmes.
Guests learn their elephant driving skills working with a qualified Thai mahout and an English-speaking guide, usually the resort's own nature ranger, John Roberts, an Englishman with his own mahout certification.
Roberts explains: "The programme is designed for those who would like to get a feel for the bond between elephant and mahout and to learn more than just the very basics. Our course is based on the professional mahout training course, run at the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre."
It's certainly not a course for late risers. Elephants and their mahouts get up with the sun and the course starts each morning at 6.30am. The trainee's first task is to collect their elephant from the forest and together with the mahout drive her back to the camp. The guide will explain what the mahout is doing and the commands he uses for his elephant.
Once back at the camp, guests are invited to make an incense offering and blessing to the elephant-headed deity, Ganesh, after which it's time for the 'girls'' morning bath. Then it's off to work; starting with how to mount your elephant - up the side or leapfrogging over her bowed head. Once seated behind her ears, the mahout teaches each trainee the basic movement commands and the trainees get used to walking up and down the camp, acclimatizing themselves to the roll and sway of their elephant. The morning course ends at 9am.
The afternoon's activities start at 2pm, when guests drive their elephant to the Ruak River for their favourite activity, river bathing. Trainees are expected to get in the water with their elephant, though staying on their back out of the water is almost impossible; especially with Lawann who likes to make sure her mahout is as wet as she is. Then it's back to the forest, where the mahouts choose a good place for their elephant to spend the night, one where bamboo and leafy snacks are plentiful!
"The elephants at the camp are all used to working with people and like the best teachers are extremely patient. As with humans, elephants warm to and trust people over time, so we encourage guests to hand feed their teachers with plenty of sugar cane and bananas," says Roberts. Each elephant eats around 250kg of food per day.
Qualified mahouts stay with the elephant throughout the training and guests are never required to have sole charge of their mount.
On the third day Roberts gives the mahout trainees a short driving test; though the testing isn't overly rigorous. "I don't feel too guilty for turning less than competent mahouts out on the streets" laughs Roberts "There have been no reports of elepant-based accidents when my students return home. At least not yet!"
On passing their test, trainees receive a certificate of competence, a new mahout shirt and a mahout hook as a souvenir of their time at the Anantara elephant camp.The 3-day mahout course and special packages are also available.
*** My article ***
My article

Buffalo racing Festival in Chonburi
There are many stories about domestic water buffalos in Thailand. And one of the most popular stories is buffalo racing festival. Which this festival is one of the oldest traditional in Chonburi province. Buffalo racing festival will be held annually in October on 14th full moon night of the 11st lanar month. The event will take place in the courtyard in front of Chonburi City Hall. And the object of this festival is restitution and rest farmers buffalos after them work hard all years.
The story this festival which it started from the gathering of the people from various localities riding contest, their parade of decorated carts carrying goods to top at the market in Ban Beung District to trade their goods. And the pass the time during waiting. Then they took their buffalo to race for fun. So this activity becomes a tradition that held in October of every years. And on a racing day, the farmers will decorated their buffalo different colored cloths for a contest.
Before the start of the race as scared ceremony is held to thanks for the rains and to ask for healthy and wealthy year ahead. And this event is part of the celebration of the rice harvest. So this festival is not only meant to be fun but also to help preserve tradition Thai way of the buffalo racing as well as the number of animals involved in the Thai agriculture.
On the buffalo racing day, there are many activities in this festival such as
Ø Buffalo beauty pageant
Ø Miss farmer beauty contests or Nong Nang Ban Na
Ø Healthy buffalo contest and others activities

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A Short Story

Family are happiness
There is a family living in Thaweesuk village.It is located in the north eastern part of Thailand.This family is not rich.They are farmers.This family have five members, father, mother, two sisters and one brother. The father's name Thongdee, he is a carpenter.The mother 's Wanjai, she is a tradeswoman. The elder sister is Suda; she is a polite and diligent person. The second daughter is Wanna, she is a good person, and confident .The son is Chalee, he is a patient and a good person. All of them love and help each other. When this family has several some good things, they share to their neighbor and everyone loves them because they are kind.
After, the harvest among Wanjai Has a free time, she makes more money for everyone in family. Which she goes to pick vegetable a lot of in the forest and picked some vegetables in the Kitchen garden to sell in the market. There are several types of vegetables. After harvesting, she sells the vegetables at the market.
Every morning, she is goes to sell vegetables in the market. After she sell s the vegetables. She goes back home and give the money to her children’s to go to school. While Thongdee makes a lot of furniture to sell and save money.
This morning, the children are going to school. Suda said with her mother “Mom! I would like to have money to go to school and buy something to eat.”
Mother said “how much?”
“I want one hundred baht. I will take to buy my breakfast and go to school” Suda said.
“Here you are” Mother said.
“Thank you” Suda said.
At home, in the evening everybody has dinner together. This family was very happy.

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My Interest

My Favorite is Bodyslam Band

I'm interested in Bodyslam band because they are a famous band and they have many albums. And then,there are a lot of people like them. Bodyslam is a popular Thai rock band.The band is best known which the unique voice of the leading vocal,and his called " Toon". This band has good melody of the songs. The member of the band has four people like; Toon (lead vocal), Yod (guitar), Pid (bass guitar), and Chad (drum). All of them are good looking. And also, I like listening to music of Bodyslam. I felt very happy and relax after I have hard study.

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My Diary

Last week, I went shopping and watched a movie with my friends. Next, we walked outdoor at JJ Park. We enjoyed reading novels, and listening to music at the park. We enjoyed that holiday. I had a good time with my best friend and we took a lot of photos there. And at the park, the weather was rather good and fresh appropriate for relaxaation on holiday. After that, we went shopping and walked around. We bought a gift for my mother and brother at JJ Market. When I finished buying stuff. We ate dinner and came back home. I think I enjoy visiting tourist attraction, traveling and I would like to go sightseeing to see the beauty of nature, sea, and waterfall.
After dinner, I played badminton. I really want to stay fit and healthy. After that, I took a shower and got a book to read. My evenings on the weekends are relaxing because I don't have to wake up early to study! I could say that life is really beautiful!!!

My Dream Vacation

My dream vacation

If I travel any place in the world. I would like to go New Zealand Because I wish to travel and sightseeing to the beautiful of this country. I wish to look lamb flock at New Zealand. And also, it has scenery beautiful of the natural, mountains, desert, and the South Island, the North Island.
Which the original New Zealand is The Land of the Long White Cloud. Which this country has abundant of many the natures. And also, it is a peaceful, safe and the weather is good, fresh which is suitable for relax and enjoy on holidays.
When I go New Zealand, I would like to learn about tradition, culture of peoples, language, and food. And, I want to visit Mitai Maori Village for learn about culture and history this country. I want to more knowledge and study. In addition, I would like to shopping, travel the beautiful around this country.

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Movie review

Two weeks ago, I went to see a movie with my friends . I am going to tell about a movie that I have seen. The title of the movie is " The Twilight saga: Eclipse " The movie is Romantic, Fantasy and Action. This story is about vampires and werewolf groups.
The main characters are Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and his friends, Jacob Black and his friends,Victoria, (a vampire who is hunting Bella for revenge).
The plot of the story begins when, Edward the vampire group and the werewolf group fight with a new vampire to protect Bella. She falls in danger from a string of mysterious that kills and a malicious new vampire quest for revenge.
On once day, Bella tells Edward she wants to see her friend, Jacob Black, a werewolf. Although Edward fears for her safety. After that, she begins to visit Jacob sometimes. On one of these visits, Jacob tells Bella that he is in love with her and wants her to choose him instead of Edward, but Bella says she sees him as a friend.
A few days later, Edward join forces with the wolf pack to combat this threat to protect Bella from the enemy. As everyone prepares for battle, Edward, Bella and Jacob camp in the mountains.They were hidden during the battle, They are alternated take care her . Victoria seeking her until met at forest and them want to kill her for revenge.
Then, The werewolf group and Edward vampire group fought with the new vampire.
Finally, they beat from the battle with the new vampire, but Jacob was injured from the battle. Bella concern Jacob. She feeling that she loves Jacob, but she loves Edward and her wedding with him.